Professor Ford's Website

Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre, Manchester, England

Guelph University, Canada

Research Group Members and Associated Research Fellows

Dr Mark Young (Wellcome Trust Research Fellow)
Dr Mark Rosenberg (Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics)
Dr Robert Cleverley (Postdoctoral Research Fellow - BBSRC)
Dr Anna Roujeinikova (Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellow)
Ms Karen Hardman (BBSRC CASE PhD student)
Ms Chitra Shintre (Cancer Research UK PhD student)
Ms Kay Chan (BBSRC CASE PhD student)
Ms Amal Mockbil (BBSRC/University of Manchester PhD student)
Mr James Kean (BBSRC/University of Manchester PhD student)
Mr Ateeq Al-Zahrani (Saudi Government-funded PhD student)
Mr Mohammad Imran (BBSRC/University of Manchester PhD student)